The goodness of tuna is well-known. Although it is healthy itself, the preparation manner and the origin have an certain influence on its value. We offer different portions: loins, chunks, steaks, saku and cubes. Each order gets individual attention so that we can adjust the demanding to the possibilities. Only the proven quality is imported. By dealing with MSC certified products and HACCP working standards we can ensure our clients about the high quality!

Product description

Yellowfin tuna (Thunnus Albacares)


  • MSC Tuna loins 2-4Kg
  • MSC Tuna steaks


  • Saku formatted super frozen 
  • Saku semi formatted super frozen
  • Saku unformatted super frozen
  • Tuna loins 2-4Kg sashimi super frozen
  • Tuna steaks sashimi super frozen