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The goodness of fish is well-known. Although it is healthy itself, the preparation manner and the origin have an certain influence on its value. We deliver a wide range of fish species: from exotic red snapper and cobia, Icelandic redfish to delicious cod and local herring. Besides the various types, we offer different portions: filets, steaks and whole rounds. Frozen fish is avaiable in blocks, as IQF or interleaved. Each order gets individual attention so that we can adjust the demanding to the possibilities. Only the proven quality is imported. By dealing with MSC certified products and HACCP working standards we can ensure our clients about the high quality!


From more than 52,000 species of Crustaceans in the world we choose those, who taste the best. The high quality of the products is an absolute priority. Blue Swimmer Crab we deliver, is produced according to our working standards. Lobsters and shrimps we select, satisfy the highest requirements. Thanks to the long-term business relations with our partners we can guarantee prime goods. In our offer you can find among others: whole lobsters, peeled shrimps or pasteurized crab claw meat.

Shellfish and Molluscs| Scallop and octopus

By importing shellfish from all over the world, we deliver them in different sizes. The offer contains scallops caught at the North Sea as well as those imported from Asia, America or other European countries. Knowing that seafood recipes demand upper-class products, we provide high standards ingredients.

Value Added

We serve customers across Europe, with smoked, marinated, fresh and frozen fish products prepared and packaged to appeal to consumers and for convenience in use. Quality comes first at Poseidon Food. It starts with fish we collect from the best quality on the open market. All fish are processed at advanced facilities by well-trained teams working with our unique equipment designed to prepare products of the highest quality, consistency and food safety. We constantly innovate to upgrade our products and extend choice. The scale and efficiency of our operations mean all Poseidon Food products offer competitive value while quality is assured through meticulous attention to detail.

Thank you for visiting our booth at the Seafood Expo Global 2016.

We hope that you had a good time and enjoyed your visit at hall 6, booth 860.

In case we weren’t able to answer some of your questions about our products while you were there, please contact us by e-mail at info@poseidon-food.com or reach us by phone¬†at +31 (0) 308 000 620.


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