Hybrid sturgeon caviar (Acipenser schrenckiid · Huso dauricus) - Poseidon Food
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Hybrid sturgeon caviar (Acipenser schrenckiid · Huso dauricus)

About This Project

The fish:offspring of Kaluga and Shrenckii , wild hybrid can be found in the Amur River between China and Russia. The species normally matures in the 8th ~ 10th year, and can live up to 60 years and reach over 50kg. It’s a unique variety from China.
The caviar:is produced from roes of mature hybrid of over 7~8 years of aqua culture. Its color can be brownish yellow, or light grey. The roe diameter is over 3.0 mm. The roes are firm, have a strong creamy taste and long after taste.